Digital Convergence – An insight into Henry Jenkins philosophy & Digital Convergence in the classroom

According to Henmaxresdefaultry Jenkins, a professor in the study of media and communications, Digital Convergence is the transition from old media to new media, an upgrade of past media literacies to innovative more interactive ones or in his words the “flow of content across multiple media platforms” (Jenkins, 2006, p.2). An example of digital convergence is turning a book into a film such as the Harry Potter series, however it can also refer to the collaboration of new media technologies such as a new ‘app’ or software on an existing technological device.

dig tech


With the ceaseless evolvement of digital media we are constantly being introduced to the newest and ‘best’ technological trends and devices, so it’s important to know which ones are useful and which ones aren’t. In a 21st century classroom with smart boards and iPad’s, we are constantly inundated with programs, software and equipment to better enhance our teaching and learning (Howell, 2013). Digital convergence brings up to speed more traditional ways of learning (such as going to the library and finding a book) by making these resources more readily accessible. We can now access whole libraries full of books at the palm of our hands due to the convergence to digital media.

Digital convergence is the imminent growth of technology. With the constant introduction of updates, editions and models, pre-existing information and material is becoming increasingly more accessible and the ability for new information and new ways of learning is eminent. Embracing digital technologies and digital convergence in the classroom not only saves time but also encourages a new level of engagement. Children are able to interact with each other in a new way, in doing so encouraging new levels of commitment and motivation. The iPad is a great example of the digital convergence whereby we are able to access a whole range of programs and utilities all on the one device. The iPad is slowly becoming a class necessity (Howell 2013), with many schools even putting them on their book lists. I think the embracement of new technologies in the classroom from programs such as Prezi and devices such as the iPad is great and should be encouraged as we not only keep up to date with the shifting world but we are able to explore and create new ways of learning.



If you’d like to know more about Digital Convergence head to Henry Jenkins website to find out more on his research of digital media.

I have also included a Pinterest Page for more infographics like this one on Digital Convergence



Howell, J. (2013). Teaching with ICT : Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and Creativity. Retrieved from

Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence Culture: Where old And New Media Collide. New York, USA: New York Univeristy Press

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